What is the Best Engine Oil for a Honda Activa

by Synthetic Oil | Last Updated: July 29, 2022

Honda is a leading force in sales of scooters across India, and the Activa is Honda’s best-selling two-wheeler in the country. Known for having smooth acceleration and even better fuel consumption it’s clear why they’re so popular. One thing is that the Activa needs good oil to keep that fuel consumption at its best. So now let’s talk about what oil it needs.

What oil grade is recommended for the Activa?

Honda recommends a 10W-30 oil for the Activa.

Best Engine oil for the Honda Activa

A Semi or fully Synthetic oil best suits the Activa as you can travel further before needing an oil change and the price difference is minor. Shell offers the Advance AX7 which is perfect for your Activa no matter the generation.