The International Truck and Engine Corporation, also known as Navistar International Corporation, is known for making high-quality diesel engines that can last for many years. Some engines that were produced in the late 1980s can still be found operating today. If you are a proud owner of a diesel vehicle with a DT or HT570, you may be wondering how to extend the engine’s longevity to keep it around for many years to come. Well, you are in the right place, because this article contains everything you need to know about DT/HT570 oil capacity and oil changes.

What is the International DT/HT570?

Production of the DT570 and HT570 started in the early 2000s and continued on for several years to cater to the commercial vehicle market. Since 2007, the DT570 and HT570 engines (along with the popular DT466) were renamed MaxxForce 9 and MaxxForce 10, respectively. Both are similar in design and widely used in a variety of commercial vehicles.

The DT570 is a 9.3-liter, six-cylinder, in-line engine with advanced fuel injection technology, turbocharging, and other features designed to optimize power output and fuel efficiency. It was produced primarily for vocational and severe-duty applications, offering a range of horsepower and torque ratings to suit various needs.

The HT570 is also a 9.3-liter, six-cylinder diesel engine. The difference is that the HT570 is used in applications that require a higher horsepower and torque, such as hauling, heavy-duty towing, and construction.

What is the Oil Capacity of the International DT570 Engine?

Being that DT570 and HT570 are both the same size, their oil capacity is also the same. These engine require 19-21 quarts (18-20 liters) of 15W40 engine oil to function properly. This includes the oil filter.

How Do You Change the Oil in the International DT/HT570?

Now that you know a bit more about the popular International DT/HT570 engine, it is time to learn how to change the oil. Generally, you will change the oil of a DT or HT570 engine every 10,000 to 15,000 miles (or every 6 to 12 months) depending on operating conditions. If you are routinely using your vehicle or operating in severe conditions, such as towing heavy equipment in stop-and-go traffic, you may find that you need to change the oil sooner.

Here is what you will need to change your diesel engine’s oil:

  • Engine oil (typically 15W40)
  • Oil filter (must be compatible with DT570)
  • Oil drain pan
  • Wrench or socket set
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Funnel
  • Rags or shop towels

Steps to Changing DT/HT570 Oil

You will find that changing the oil of your DT or HT570 engine is much like doing it for any other vehicle. Keep in mind that you will need to park your vehicle on a level surface and let the engine cool down before proceeding with the following steps:

  1. Locate the oil drain plug. This is usually under the engine.
  2. Position the oil drain pan beneath the engine’s oil pan and, using a wrench or socket set, loosen the oil drain plug.
  3. Carefully remove the oil drain plug and allow the old oil to drain completely into the drain pan. Once drained, wipe the drain plug clean with a rag or shop towel.
  4. Next, locate the oil filter. It’s typically found on the engine block. Using an oil filter wrench, carefully loosen and remove the old oil filter. Expect some residual oil to drain out.
  5. Before installing the new oil filter, apply a thin layer of clean engine oil to the rubber gasket.
  6. Screw the new oil filter onto the engine block by hand then tighten.
  7. Using a funnel, pour the recommended amount of new engine oil into the engine through the oil filler cap.
  8. After adding oil, wait a few minutes for it to settle. Use the engine’s dipstick to check that the oil level is within the recommended range.
  9. Double check the drain plug and oil filter and clean up any spills before starting the engine. Observe for a few minutes before testing the oil level a second time and topping off if necessary.

Final Thoughts on International DT Oil Change and Capacity

If your truck, bus, or agricultural/construction vehicle has a diesel engine, you will need to know what’s required to keep it running optimally. Now that you know the oil capacity and changing method for your International DT or HT 570 engine, you can safely change the oil. With maintenance, these engines will last for many years. Good luck!

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