Is it time to get the oil changed in your Honda Civic, Accord, or CR-V? You may be wondering, how much is a Honda oil change? Since oil is important to the overall health of your vehicle, you do not want to skimp when it comes to routine maintenance. The good news is that oil changes are one of the more affordable trips to the local auto body shop. Optionally, you could change the oil in your Honda on your own, saving you the labor cost.

Generally, a Honda oil change is around $30 to $120, depending on a couple of factors.

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Factors Affecting The Cost of an Oil Change

How much is a Honda oil change? The exact cost of changing the oil in your Honda is based on a couple of factors, including the Honda model that you own, the type of oil you are using, and where you end up having the service completed.

  • Honda Model and Year: The biggest determinant when answering “How much is a Honda oil change?” is the model and year. A Honda Civic will set you back around $50-$80 during an oil change, while an Accord is a bit pricier, around $60-$85. Typically, the bigger the engine in your Honda, the more the oil change will cost because more oil is needed for the engine.
  • Oil Type: Any car that uses a full synthetic is going to have a more expensive oil change when compared to conventional oil users. However, the extra cost is certainly beneficial. Synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil and also enhances the performance of your vehicle, especially for those Honda Civics that are pushing 150,000 miles or above.
  • Location of Service: Do you take your Honda to the dealer’s service center? Or do you head to the lube shop? Specialized services will always cost more than your local Jiffy Lube or mechanic. The cost is lower, still, if you opt to change the oil yourself.
  • Additional Services:Since oil filters should always be replaced at the same time as the oil, this should also be factored into the cost. Generally, Honda oil filters range between $5-$18, excluding the cost of labor.

Want to know the complete cost of an oil change? Check out our detailed oil change price guide.

Are Honda Oil Changes Expensive?

Owning a Honda means a couple of things: You can enjoy a higher resale value, thanks to the tremendous popularity of the brand, as well as lower cost repairs and maintenance. A Honda oil change costs less than most other car makes and models, especially luxury vehicles. Buying a Honda is an economic decision, especially when it is your first car.

Just make sure you do not go over the recommended mileage for an oil change—around 5,000-7,500 miles for most cars.


How much is a Honda oil change? You do not have to worry about spending too much money on this one. The average cost of a Honda oil change is $30 to $120. The oil you put in and where you have the service done will contribute to the cost. Keep that in mind if you are trying to save some money for car accessories!

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