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-Bergamot Wildflower, photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Brenda Watson in separate PBS shows play up the importance of fermented foods & Pro-biotics. Studies show that Probiotics play an very important role in weight loss and control.

Vitamin K2 has a primary source of fermented foods and healthy gut flora.

K2 is now believed to be the #1 Cancer Fighting Vitamin.

Ultra Probiotics.



– Honeysuckle Bush, Beneficial Invasive Asian Species — Photograph by Steve Dawes 2014.

Studies in China confirm that taking a good multiple vitamin not only improves health but causes weight loss.

Altrum’s Ultra-Multi is arguably the most comprehensive multiple vitamin ever devised by man. LABEL.

People frequently tell me that taking the Altrum Ultra-Multi causes weight loss.

DNU01 for women. ( Contains Iron).

DWI01 for men.

Read the label on the bottle as it shows how comprehensive the product is. LABEL.

A single Altrum Ultra-Multi contains more nutrient load than a ‘1-a-day’ tablet.

Altrum also offers a high quality Drink Mix. Taken daily it can lead to even greater weight loss.

For those who feel hopeless about losing weight Dr. Jason Fung may be of some help: https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/. Fasting. http://prudently.com/blog/.

Besides high quality, Altrum offers wholesale pricing to their Preferred Customers and a splendid FREE eNewsletter.


Weight Loss

– Virginia Blue Bell, Photograph by Steve Dawes 2014

ALTRUM Nutritional Drink Mix has a rich chocolate flavor, that delivers high-quality whey protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, proprietary fruit and vegetable powder blend and HMB, a metabolite that can help reduce soreness from exercise and maintain lean muscle mass. * Combine one scoop with 8 ounces of cold milk or water for a delicious nutrition boost any time of the day.

For those who feel hopeless about losing weight Dr. Jason Fung may be of some help: https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/. David Sandy on fasting. http://prudently.com/blog/.

href=”http://www.syntheticoil.me/anti-oxidants-top-20/” title=”Anti-Oxidants Top 20″>

Potential for Weight Loss

– Phlox — Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Altrum’s new nutritional drink mix offers an option for weight loss.

The product uses whey protein as opposed to soy protein for a base unlike so many other makers.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition, ISSN, notes that when exercisers ingest protein after a workout, their post exercise soreness is reduced.

High-quality leucine rich proteins, such as whey, may be particularly important for the elderly.

It is also more easily digested.



-Bull Thistle Wildflower Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

I recently did an email/blog on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis(HTMA).

I got positive feedback on this from many recipients. So I have decided to repeat it.

I asked my Doctor what he thought and he told me to continue getting it done.

I get it done by my Naturopath Jean Reist in Dillsburg PA. Cost $58. Jean ((717) 432-3585) mails me a test kit and I have a friend take cuttings of hairs from the back of my neck and send back. In a few weeks I receive results — a printed report. I can follow up with Jean Reist telephonically or do a visit for a nominal fee.

The report is roughly 12 pages(booklet, color) of numeric and graphical information about how my body is doing with Nutritional Elements. The results also test for Toxic Elements and other Elements. The conducting Lab is Trace Elements. Inc. The Analysis categorizes each individual into metabolic type. ( Apparently I am a Type 4 Fast Metabolizer).

The Booklet also makes extensive recommendations based on the analysis for Diet and Supplements.

Although we are each the same, we have individual differences and environmental exposures. It’s better to know.

The analysis showed I was low in magnesium. Many of us are because magnesium is now deficient in our tillable soil. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin.

This is why grandma used to tell us to take a bath in Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) if we sprained our ankle. Grandma was right. Magnesium is used in over 300 enzymatic reactions. Most Americans are Vitamin D and Magnesium deficient. ( For Vitamin D use Blood Test make sure 25-Hydrox block is checked).

I got some bath salts from Tammy Young ( Alternative Choices (717) 597-1228 in Greencastle PA). My magnesium is now normal.

Best Regards,
Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil synthetics