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Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Vitamin D is available from Altrum.


Researchers now feel that levels as high as 80ng/ml can reduce cancer by 100%.

Hydrox 25 measurements ( from blood test ) should be used to measure Vitamin D level in your body.

Supplements are an unregulated industry.

It’s great to have a trusted source that is also scientifically advanced and allows wholesale pricing regularly. ALTRUM produces an excellent and very full line of high quality supplements.



Let’s consider a few facts:

The average consumer keeps a new vehicle 10.25 years. They spend $3278.00 in fuel per year. 93% use conventional oil.

Extended oil changes can save $100.00 per year.

If they get a 30% improvement in fuel economy by converting the whole drive-train and doing the other things mentioned in my ‘Fuel Economy Cheat Sheet’ than the total savings from Amsoil exceed $1000 per year.

If we factor in savings from longer lasting engines and transmissions at a conservative $300 each year, we see that savings greatly exceed $1000/Yr.

Amsoil saves you money.

Stopping fewer times for oil changes and gas fill-ups is also a huge time saver.


Your mechanic actually does not know much about lubricants. They know that selling Amsoil does not work for them. They have people coming in 3-5 times a year for an oil change now they come in once a year. Not good for business. It goes deeper than that.

Use Signature Series ATF.

If you do not use Amsoil you will lose money from worse fuel economy, wear on transmission parts and earlier repairs.

Your mechanic makes big money if you need a re-built transmission.

Think about it.

( Amsoil makes many different transmission fluids to suit every OEM requirement. Just enter Make, Model, Year on the first page of the Amsoil website and you’ll see what goes in yours).

Polar Vortex

– April — Amsoil Doggy

In sub-zero weather fuel economy can diminish as much as 50%. This means that a vehicle that normally gets 20mpg is now getting only 10mpg!


1.) Colder air is denser and the vehicle must push through it.
2.) Traction is not as good because tires and pavement are colder.
3.) Colder fuel and air are more difficult to atomize.

To learn more read archived Blogs.

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Potential for Weight Loss

– Phlox — Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Altrum’s new nutritional drink mix offers an option for weight loss.

The product uses whey protein as opposed to soy protein for a base unlike so many other makers.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition, ISSN, notes that when exercisers ingest protein after a workout, their post exercise soreness is reduced.

High-quality leucine rich proteins, such as whey, may be particularly important for the elderly.

It is also more easily digested.