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– Get in the swim, use Amsoil.

Amsoil 0w40 4-Stroke is the oil of choice for ATV, UTV users. It is specially formulated to do the job.

Pick up at Steve’s in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256 or order online by taking the LINK.


-Venus Looking-Glass Wildflower Steve Dawes 2014

So your a mechanic and you want to know if you should sell Amsoil?


Why? More money.

In addition you are doing your customer and the environment a big favor.

Amsoil’s MLM marketing system is what allows them to stay in business while competing against the biggest companies on earth. Big Oil.

To do this Amsoil uses it’s network of Dealers and Retail Accounts. Margins can be as high as 40% just for retail accounts. Dealers even higher.

Dealerships can be passed on to your heirs, your children.

One mechanic told me, “It really makes me feel good to give people a better deal and I make even more money.”

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil
(717) 658-1256

Stadium Journey

Stadium Journey Magazine….Amsoil Arena (Home of the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs) takes top honors as best stadium experience — 2nd place Daytona International Speedway. 3rd place Compton Family Ice Arena South Bend. 4th Lucas Oil (Indianapolis Colts). 5th Fenway Park. More than 1700 venues are reviewed.


Gasoline Direct Injection

New CAFE standards specified by the EPA and NHTSA require improvements in fuel economy over the next decade.

To meet these requirements OEM’s are using several approaches. One of these is GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection).

GDI is different from normal injection in that the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder at it’s hottest point near the spark plug. Previous injection systems allow the fuel to go in through the intake valve with the air.

Direct Injection has been around for a while with diesel motors. Diesel fuel is more difficult to atomize. GDI engines are expensive to build. So this is why the delay.

GDI systems burn air/fuel at the rate 40:1 (Air/Fuel). Non-GDI systems 14.7:1. Thus, much less fuel is used. Cleaner emissions also result.

A downside to GDI is that the intake valves are not ‘washed’ with fuel to clean them up. Using Amsoil Performance Improver Fuel Treatment (API) is important as it contains the best detergents.

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil Synthetics
(717) 658-1256

Erik Buell Racing

AMSOIL has partnered with Erik Buell Racing (EBR) to offer AMSOIL products at their official EBR motorcycle dealerships. As you may know, Erik Buell chose AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil as the factory-fill oil for the engine and transmission of the new EBR 1190RX.

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber Amsoil
(717) 658-1256

Level of Perception

In life we deal with our level of perception.

It’s a tricky business to say the least.

Our vehicles, cars and trucks, have acoustically shielded engine compartments.

It’s very hard to hear that the motor sounds better when you have switched to Amsoil.

In powersports the motors are exposed. You can actually hear the difference.

Whenever we wish to increase our level of perception we go to scientific instruments. 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of test equipment are used to test oil.

Amsoil publishes studies done by qualified engineering firms to help you understand the savings due to better oil.

For copies of these studies feel free to contact me.

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil
(717) 658-1256

If you are not using Amsoil you are loosing money.


– Get in the swim, use Amsoil

Most of us feel ansie about extended oil drains.

It’s no wonder, OEM’S have used mass media advertising for decades to get our oil changed every 3000 miles. It’s branded into our psychology.

However, the technology has been available for some time.

I began using Amsoil in roughly 1995 at which time their oil change was 13,000 miles. I was only able to go 7000 miles before my subconscious took over and forced me to change the oil. The next time I went 9000 miles and finally went 14,000 miles. It took that long to gain trust in the Amsoil product and Amsoil’s written guarantee.

Today, Amsoil offers oil change synthetics for 3000+ miles, 10,000(6 month) or 25,000(or 1 year).

I did not see big fuel economy savings until I did the transmission and differentials with Amsoil. Than it became jaw-dropping. I have saved money ever since.

I hope you will follow my path and save money for yourself and family.

It’s easier now you can start with OE(3000+ miles) and graduate up.

Best Regards,
Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil Synthetics
(717) 658-1256

Car Wash

This summer I converted a car wash to Amsoil Synthetics. This included oil for pumps and compressor oil for an Ingersoll-Rand Compressor. The owner had already noticed a fuel economy improvement in their vehicles and than reported that the car wash was consuming $200/month less electric. Plus things sounded a lot better in the pump room.

Steve Dawes

(717) 658-1256

Amsoil Shelf Life 5 years

– Spiderwort Wildflower (edible) – photograph by Stephen Dawes 2014.

Most Amsoil products have a five year shelf life.

For questions regarding product usage call FREE Tech Support (715) 399-8324. 9a-6p est workdays.

Catalog orders over $100.00 get free shipping

* Preferred customers pay same as AMSOIL Dealers and get the monthly Amsoil Magazine.

* Savings on one $80 – $100 purchase more than pays for membership.

Amsoil Website


– Virginia Bluebell Wildflower, Photo by Stephen M. Dawes 2014

Better Lubricity brings with it improved fuel economy, more torque and less component wear all at the same time.

It is the nature of lubricity to do this.

Many users who use Amsoil in racing would benefit by using Amsoil in their car as well.

With fuel costing $2-$4/gallon using cheap oil and atf is a mistake.

Don’t forget that better fuel efficiency and fewer oil changes means a smaller carbon footprint.

Think Green,
Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil
(717) 658-1256