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Shock Therapy

– Rough Rides are tough doggy, switch to Shock Therapy.

Eliminates shock fade and inconsistent dampening. Performs much better in temperature extremes. Provides quicker rebound. Order Online.



So you are an auto mechanic and you want to know if you should sell Amsoil?

Absolutely not!

Look at the downsides. You’ve got customers coming in 3,4,5,6 times a year.

Now they come in once a year.

That’s not good.

Its worse than it sounds. You don’t get that burned out tail light deal, the windshield wiper deal, etc.

Downstream you are much less likely to get the re-built transmission or motor job. Stuff just lasts longer with Amsoil.

And worst of all, if something does go wrong, you are the one who recommended Amsoil.

Think about it.

To look at the Pro’s of recommending Amsoil: