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TCP Cycles

– Photo by Steve Dawes 2015

TCP Cycles. Outstanding mechanic. ATV’s Motorcycles, small engines. State Inspections. Snowmobiles.



5w40 Gallon Container


– Amsoil Synthetic Diesel Gallon Container 5w40.

Premium Synthetic Diesel from Amsoil provides maximum protection and improved fuel economy all at the same time. All viscosities available – 5w40,5w30,15w40 etc….

Call Steve now (717) 658-1256 to pick up in Chambersburg or take Link to order Online: LINK.


– Get in the swim, use Amsoil.

Amsoil 0w40 4-Stroke is the oil of choice for ATV, UTV users. It is specially formulated to do the job.

Pick up at Steve’s in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256 or order online by taking the LINK.


Dominator Racing Oil

Specified by engine builders and used in Tractor Pull and other performance events Dominator by Amsoil is the best. ( Make sure to select viscosity that goes with the tolerances indicated by your engine builder).

For FREE tech support call Amsoil (715) 399-8324.

Pick up in Chambersburg call Steve (717) 658-1256.

Or order to have drop shipped : LINK.

Fuel Efficient ATF and Torque Glide also available



Amsoil Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF, improves fuel economy and makes your transmission last longer. Take Link and order or call Steve Dawes to pick up in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256.


“fill-for-life” transmission often means “fill for the life of the warranty.” Even in a “fill-for-life” transmission, it’s a good idea to have the fluid changed, especially when vehicles fall under the severe service designation.

Buy ATF online


Amsoil 20w50 Motorcycle Oil and Filters. Fuel additives – Quickshot , Chain Bar Lube, 75w90 110, 140 for your tranny. Motorcycle oil. Pick up from Steve in Chambersburg(717) 658-1256.Or order online LINK.



Amsoil 2-Stroke Oil for Snowmobiles and other applications. Freedom to choose the best.

Pick up from Steve in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256 or order Online.


SABER Professional 4 Landscapers

AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil penetrates landscaping contractor market. The label and supporting material have been redesigned to make it clear users can choose the mix ratios they’re comfortable with. Fuel stabilizer has also been added, further increasing its value.

Pick up from Steve in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256 or take LINK and order Online.http://www.amsoil.com/shop/find/product/ATBPC?zo=507191″>


Your mechanic actually does not know much about lubricants. They know that selling Amsoil does not work for them. They have people coming in 3-5 times a year for an oil change now they come in once a year. Not good for business. It goes deeper than that.

Use Signature Series ATF.

If you do not use Amsoil you will lose money from worse fuel economy, wear on transmission parts and earlier repairs.

Your mechanic makes big money if you need a re-built transmission.

Think about it.

( Amsoil makes many different transmission fluids to suit every OEM requirement. Just enter Make, Model, Year on the first page of the Amsoil website and you’ll see what goes in yours).