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use Amsoil

Change Air Intake Sensor

Today vehicles are equipped with air intake sensors. This allows the motor to achieve proper air/fuel mixture for combustion.

On average Americans keep their cars 11 years.

The sensors go bad and need to be replaced before that. Not doing so hurts performance and power.

The vehicle could fail emissions and consume an unnecessary amount of expensive fuel.

On my vehicle it’s just an $18 part. My mechanic replaced it for free. I noticed the vehicle has more pep.

Your vehicle contains many sensors that effect performance. Another one that goes bad often is the oxygen sensor.


So you are an auto mechanic and you want to know if you should sell Amsoil?

Absolutely not!

Look at the downsides. You’ve got customers coming in 3,4,5,6 times a year.

Now they come in once a year.

That’s not good.

Its worse than it sounds. You don’t get that burned out tail light deal, the windshield wiper deal, etc.

Downstream you are much less likely to get the re-built transmission or motor job. Stuff just lasts longer with Amsoil.

And worst of all, if something does go wrong, you are the one who recommended Amsoil.

Think about it.

To look at the Pro’s of recommending Amsoil:



Unidentified Wildflower Western MD, photo by Steve Dawes

The One-Arm Bandit is a trick device with a lever and spinning wheels that Lubricant Salesmen have used for decades to mis-lead the unwary.

Don’t be fooled.

Only scientific test instruments utilized by reputable test engineers are valid. Amsoil has many published test reports available online or you may obtain prints at our offices.

The FTC has sued various lubricant companies for deceptive sales practices regarding the One-Arm Bandit.

For pictures of the 1-arm bandit click the Link below.


Steve Dawes
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use Amsoil


(Average Consumer Saves $1000/yr using AMSOIL)


Synthetic Motor Oil 3-5%
Synthetic ATF 3-5%
Synthetic Gear Lube 3-5%
Performance Improver Gas Treatmt 2-6%
Iridium Plugs Premium Wire Set 3-4%
Nanofiber Technology Air Filter 1-2%
Propylene Glycol Antifreeze .5%

Average Minimum Gas Savings Over Conventional Oil 15.5%

A gain of just 15% can cause savings of $400.00 for every 10,000 miles driven.

Get substantially longer engine and transmission life.

25,000 mile oil changes save time and even more money.

Just doing the motor and using PI Fuel Treatment can give a 15% boost.

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil Synthetics
(717) 658-1256
EMAIL: Limosys@comcast.net
WEB: Http://LubeDealer.com/BetterMPG

( 93% of Americans still use conventional oil. This unfortunately pollutes the atmosphere and costs them $200-$2000/year per vehicle in fuel alone ).