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Amsoil 20w50 Motorcycle Oil and Filters. Fuel additives – Quickshot , Chain Bar Lube, 75w90 110, 140 for your tranny. Motorcycle oil. Pick up from Steve in Chambersburg(717) 658-1256.Or order online LINK.


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Severe Gear

– Photo by Steve Dawes 2014. ‘Believe your bird dog’

Amsoil’s Severe Gear reduces drag and helps the drive train last longer while producing greater torque.

Fuel economy is improved 3-5% in vehicles on average.

Shelf Life 5 years.

Extended lube changes. In some vehicles 3x OEM.

( Often used in motorcycle transmissions to quiet the tranny).

Free tech support 9a-6p workdays (715) 399-8324.

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Stadium Journey

Stadium Journey Magazine….Amsoil Arena (Home of the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs) takes top honors as best stadium experience — 2nd place Daytona International Speedway. 3rd place Compton Family Ice Arena South Bend. 4th Lucas Oil (Indianapolis Colts). 5th Fenway Park. More than 1700 venues are reviewed.


Fuel Efficiency In Cold Weather

-Buttercup Wildflower, photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Fuel Efficiency is effected a lot by the weather. Some experts feel that really cold weather (sub-zero) can diminish fuel efficiency as much as 50%.

Air becomes denser in extreme cold and presents greater demand by vehicles to push through it. Cold tires and cold pavement do not provide as much friction.

Fuel systems find it more difficult to atomize fuel and air.

Everyone notices that fuel economy drops significantly in cold weather.