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SIROCCO Compressor Oil lasts several times longer than competing products.

Thermal gun usage shows compressors run up to 12 degrees cooler.

In a recent installation a customers unit consumed $200/mnth less electricity.

Costs roughly half what OEM’s ask for their oil.

Amsoil produces a range of compressor oils.



In life we deal with our level of perception.

It’s a tricky business to say the least.

Our vehicles, cars and trucks, have acoustically shielded engine compartments.

It’s very hard to hear that the motor sounds better when you have switched to Amsoil.

In powersports the motors are exposed. You can actually hear the difference.

Whenever we wish to increase our level of perception we go to scientific instruments. 100′s of thousands of dollars worth of test equipment are used to test oil.

Amsoil publishes studies done by qualified engineering firms to help you understand the savings due to better oil.

For copies of these studies feel free to contact me.

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil
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If you are not using Amsoil you are loosing money.

Arctic Deep Freeze

Last year the arctic deep freeze nailed Russia and Europe real good.

This year it’s on our side of the planet. They are having a nice warm winter in Russia. The snow is too soft in Sochi.

A lot of the ice has fallen from the tree limbs and it looks like an ice-maker machine was accidentally left running all over the place. Sparkles in the sun.

Yeah, its pretty but I’ve had enough.

use Amsoil


Using cheap lubricants in the face of $2-$4/gallon fuel is a $1000/yr mistake.

This plays into the hands of huge multi-national oil companies.

Switch to Amsoil.

Get a better habit.

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Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil.
(717) 658-1256

Amsoil saves you money.

Car Wash

This summer I converted a car wash to Amsoil Synthetics. This included oil for pumps and compressor oil for an Ingersoll-Rand Compressor. The owner had already noticed a fuel economy improvement in their vehicles and than reported that the car wash was consuming $200/month less electric. Plus things sounded a lot better in the pump room.

Steve Dawes

(717) 658-1256