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Change Air Intake Sensor

Today vehicles are equipped with air intake sensors. This allows the motor to achieve proper air/fuel mixture for combustion.

On average Americans keep their cars 11 years.

The sensors go bad and need to be replaced before that. Not doing so hurts performance and power.

The vehicle could fail emissions and consume an unnecessary amount of expensive fuel.

On my vehicle it’s just an $18 part. My mechanic replaced it for free. I noticed the vehicle has more pep.

Your vehicle contains many sensors that effect performance. Another one that goes bad often is the oxygen sensor.

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New CAFE standards specified by the EPA and NHTSA require improvements in fuel economy over the next decade.

To meet these requirements OEM’s are using several approaches. One of these is GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection).

GDI is different from normal injection in that the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder at it’s hottest point near the spark plug. Previous injection systems allow the fuel to go in through the intake valve with the air.

Direct Injection has been around for a while with diesel motors. Diesel fuel is more difficult to atomize. GDI engines are expensive to build. So this is why the delay.

GDI systems burn air/fuel at the rate 40:1. Non-GDI systems 14.7:1. Thus, much less fuel is used. Cleaner emissions also result.

A downside to GDI is that the intake valves are not ‘washed’ with fuel to clean them up. Using Amsoil Performance Improver Fuel Treatment (API) is important as it contains the best detergents.



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So your a mechanic and you want to know if you should sell Amsoil?


Why? More money.

In addition you are doing your customer and the environment a big favor.

Amsoil’s MLM marketing system is what allows them to stay in business while competing against the biggest companies on earth. Big Oil.

To do this Amsoil uses it’s network of Dealers and Retail Accounts. Margins can be as high as 40% just for retail accounts. Dealers even higher.

Dealerships can be passed on to your heirs, your children.

One mechanic told me, “It really makes me feel good to give people a better deal and I make even more money.”

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The One-Arm Bandit is a trick device with a lever and spinning wheels that Lubricant Salesmen have used for decades to mis-lead the unwary.

Don’t be fooled.

Only scientific test instruments utilized by reputable test engineers are valid. Amsoil has many published test reports available online or you may obtain prints at our offices.

The FTC has sued various lubricant companies for deceptive sales practices regarding the One-Arm Bandit.

For pictures of the 1-arm bandit click the Link below.


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-Wildflower Venus Looking-Glass. Photograph by Stephen M. Dawes 2014.

Some are looking for more torque.

Others, oil that will go 25,000 miles/1 year.

Longer lasting engines are sought by some.

Some want better fuel economy.

Better Lubricity brings with it all of these at the same time.


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Polar Vortex

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In sub-zero weather fuel economy can diminish as much as 50%. This means that a vehicle that normally gets 20mpg is now getting only 10mpg!


1.) Colder air is denser and the vehicle must push through it.
2.) Traction is not as good because tires and pavement are colder.
3.) Colder fuel and air are more difficult to atomize.

To learn more read archived Blogs.

Steve Dawes, T-1 Certified Direct Jobber, Amsoil Synthetics
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