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use Amsoil

Severe Gear

– Photo by Steve Dawes 2014. ‘Believe your bird dog’

Amsoil’s Severe Gear reduces drag and helps the drive train last longer while producing greater torque.

Fuel economy is improved 3-5% in vehicles on average.

Shelf Life 5 years.

Extended lube changes. In some vehicles 3x OEM.

( Often used in motorcycle transmissions to quiet the tranny).

Free tech support 9a-6p workdays (715) 399-8324.

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– Spiderwort Wildflower, Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Ethanol-blended fuels can cause problems and damage to engines, especially older ones.

Unfortunately, the ethanol molecule separates from the petroleum molecule with the slightest moisture and clogs fuel lines.

Using Amsoil PI for gas motors (cars/trucks) and Quickshot for Powersports is very cost beneficial and a problem avoidance tactic.

You also get better fuel economy.