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AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer is USDA Organic. The product contains high quality material including Atlantic Sea Kelp.

Sales of organic products jumped $35.1 Billion in 2013. The fastest growth rate in 5 years.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the number of certified organic farms in the U.S. increased to 19,474 last year of 27,814 globally.

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Smoking Cessation

Photo by Steve Dawes, 2015, Yellow Flag Wildflower.

I’ve quit smoking successfully twice in my life.

Once for 20 years and the second time for now 3 years.

Hard to believe that I quit for 20 years and started up again but I did.

So that’s the history.

The purpose of this Blog is to help others to quit.

Understand that smoking is both a chemical and psychological addiction. You must deal with both addictions successfully to quit.

When I quit the first time I was smoking 3 packs of cigarettes per day. This was in 1984. My Health Insurance coverage made counseling free. So I got counselor and she taught me to change my smoking habits in a way that would make the psychological addiction less before I actually quit.

In those days you could smoke at work. So she taught me not to smoke at my desk but rather at the table behind it. This and other little tricks helped a lot when I actually did quit a few weeks later.

Get a counselor. They are free.

The second time I quit smoking it was easier. I remembered the tricks the counselor taught me and employed them.

But, the chemical addiction was not as bad because I had switched to make-your-own cigarettes. I bought the tobacco and tubes and using a machine made my own. This is legal in PA where I reside and much cheaper. At the time a pack of make-ur-own cost me 80 cents.

Factory made cigarettes are loaded with stuff that increases your addiction. Big Tobacco got into a lot of trouble over this.

Recently I read a good article on ‘Stop Smoking’ by Dr. Elizabeth Reid who writes a by-line for the Elks Club Magazine. In it she lists several websites that can be helpful:

.) smokefree.gov
.) cdc.gov/tobacco/quit_smoking/how_to_quit
.) lung.org/stop_smoking/how_to_quit
.) nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/quittingsmoking.html

Some other resources:

.) determinedtoquit.com
.) 800-QUIT-NOW

Smoking causes various vitamin deficiencies — especially Vitamin C.

If you smoke be sure to take a good Multiple Vitamin.
The LABEL is informative.

Vitamin C with Rose Hips.


Pictured Wildflower – Spiderwort. Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

The main reason I take ALTRUM Supplements is that they have ultra high quality while offering deep discounts for consumers.

ALTRUM LINK (Buy Online).

DWI01 Label Ultra-MUlti


-Bergamot Wildflower, photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Brenda Watson in separate PBS shows play up the importance of fermented foods & Pro-biotics. Studies show that Probiotics play an very important role in weight loss and control.

Vitamin K2 has a primary source of fermented foods and healthy gut flora.

K2 is now believed to be the #1 Cancer Fighting Vitamin.

Ultra Probiotics.


Structured Water

– Monkey Flower, Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Number 1 source for Structured Water — fresh fruits & vegetables.

Number 2 — Chilled filtered water from your fridge dispenser. Heavier water molecules penetrate cells better and cause better health.

Some springs can produce structured water.

Molecular Structure is not H2O. It’s H3O2.


Oil Lesson #2

– Hepatica Wildflower, photo by Steve Dawes 2015

Premium Synthetic Oil is handcrafted just like any other product.

It’s composed of a base stock and a large number of additives to get the quality characteristics desired.

Over a dozen additives are used, anti-foaming, anti-corrosion, acidity reducers and many others.

The differences in quality can make a huge difference in your life, saving time and money.

Switching from conventional oil or a cheap synthetic to Amsoil produces a savings of $1000.00/year for the average driver.

Switching from a well made Synthetic like Mobile 1 to Amsoil produces $500/year savings for the average driver.

Since you are stopping for gas less frequently you save time too.

Motorcycle Transmission Fluid

— Photograph by Stephen M. Dawes 2014

New AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Fluid and AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid are purpose-built for bikers who prefer a dedicated transmission or primary lubricant over a multi-use product. Available from Steve in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256 or M&S Harley-Davidson (717) 709-9650.


20w40 Indian & Victory Motorcycle Oil

– Iron Weed Wildflower, photograph by Stephen M. Dawes 2014

New AMSOIL 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil (MVI) is formulated to provide premium protection for Victory and model-year 2013 and newer Indian motorcycles.

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use Amsoil

Caledonia Powersports

Caledonia Powersports.

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