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I like to retrieve.

Springer Spaniel Puppies

– Photo by Brian Parker, 2014

Springers are known for their intelligence, good looks and effervescent personality. Puppies and adult dogs.

Contact Brian Parker now for more information.

(410) 215-5500.

Brian is located near Eldersburg, MD and has been breeding Springer Spaniels for decades. ( Near Columbia, Sykesville, West Friendship, Westminister and Frederick).

Amsoil money saving lubricants


Amsoil 2-Stroke Oil for Snowmobiles and other applications. Freedom to choose the best.

Pick up from Steve in Chambersburg (717) 658-1256 or order Online.


use Amsoil

Severe Gear

– Photo by Steve Dawes 2014. ‘Believe your bird dog’

Amsoil’s Severe Gear reduces drag and helps the drive train last longer while producing greater torque.

Fuel economy is improved 3-5% in vehicles on average.

Shelf Life 5 years.

Extended lube changes. In some vehicles 3x OEM.

( Often used in motorcycle transmissions to quiet the tranny).

Free tech support 9a-6p workdays (715) 399-8324.

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— Ironweed Wildflower. Photograph by Stephen M. Dawes 2014.

In a perfect world you don’t need supplements.

The October and November issues of the Altrum Newsletter demonstrate Amsoil’s commitment to integrity. If anyone would like hard copies let me know. They can also be viewed online.


The products they offer are intended to be the best choice for the consumer based upon existing technology and cost-benefit analysis whether it’s Lubes or Supplements.

This has become clearer and clearer to me as time goes on. Pretty amazing when you think about it.


– Pictured — Cardinal Wildflower. Photo by Stephen M. Dawes 2014.

Several homeopathic helpers.

There is no cure for COPD.

Several things that improve quality of life:

1.) NAC N-Acetylcysteine.
2.) All 8 Amino Acids
3.) Vitamin C, IVC
4.) Glutathione
5.) Licorice Extract, Glycyrrhizin ( see article).

Nebulizers used in some cases for administering various components.

Use a homeopathic physician.


Shock Therapy

– Rough Rides are tough doggy, switch to Shock Therapy.

Eliminates shock fade and inconsistent dampening. Performs much better in temperature extremes. Provides quicker rebound. Order Online.