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New CAFE standards specified by the EPA and NHTSA require improvements in fuel economy over the next decade.

To meet these requirements OEM’s are using several approaches. One of these is GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection).

GDI is different from normal injection in that the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder at it’s hottest point near the spark plug. Previous injection systems allow the fuel to go in through the intake valve with the air.

Direct Injection has been around for a while with diesel motors. Diesel fuel is more difficult to atomize. GDI engines are expensive to build. So this is why the delay.

GDI systems burn air/fuel at the rate 40:1. Non-GDI systems 14.7:1. Thus, much less fuel is used. Cleaner emissions also result.

A downside to GDI is that the intake valves are not ‘washed’ with fuel to clean them up. Using Amsoil Performance Improver Fuel Treatment (API) is important as it contains the best detergents.


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So your a mechanic and you want to know if you should sell Amsoil?


Why? More money.

In addition you are doing your customer and the environment a big favor.

Amsoil’s MLM marketing system is what allows them to stay in business while competing against the biggest companies on earth. Big Oil.

To do this Amsoil uses it’s network of Dealers and Retail Accounts. Margins can be as high as 40% just for retail accounts. Dealers even higher.

Dealerships can be passed on to your heirs, your children.

One mechanic told me, “It really makes me feel good to give people a better deal and I make even more money.”

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So you are an auto mechanic and you want to know if you should sell Amsoil?

Absolutely not!

Look at the downsides. You’ve got customers coming in 3,4,5,6 times a year.

Now they come in once a year.

That’s not good.

Its worse than it sounds. You don’t get that burned out tail light deal, the windshield wiper deal, etc.

Downstream you are much less likely to get the re-built transmission or motor job. Stuff just lasts longer with Amsoil.

And worst of all, if something does go wrong, you are the one who recommended Amsoil.

Think about it.

To look at the Pro’s of recommending Amsoil:

Change Oil Less Often

Many of us stop 4-8 times a year to change oil.

It’s a hassle.

Big Oil and Big OEM’s want us to do this. So do quick-lubes and mechanics.

They make more money.

The state of California is currently suing a well known national quick-lube for encouraging 3000 mile oil changes when unnecessary.

Amsoil has 25,000 mile oil changes and great integrity.

Maybe it is time to look into it.


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The One-Arm Bandit is a trick device with a lever and spinning wheels that Lubricant Salesmen have used for decades to mis-lead the unwary.

Don’t be fooled.

Only scientific test instruments utilized by reputable test engineers are valid. Amsoil has many published test reports available online or you may obtain prints at our offices.

The FTC has sued various lubricant companies for deceptive sales practices regarding the One-Arm Bandit.

For pictures of the 1-arm bandit click the Link below.


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Some are looking for more torque.

Others, oil that will go 25,000 miles/1 year.

Longer lasting engines are sought by some.

Some want better fuel economy.

Better Lubricity brings with it all of these at the same time.


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Better Call Steve, or purchase ONLINE.


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There was a 55 Chevy Wagon, red. I think Dad bought that new but sold it pretty soon. I was disappointed

There was a Renault Dauphine, an amazing piece of French junk that broke down all the time. I tried to talk Dad into buying a VW but to no avail. He bought the Renault. Later Randy and I got a 1966 Yellow Chevelle Super Sport 396. I think Randy put a cam in it. That thing rocked. I dated Joanne in it. Later I did buy a VW myself.

Next, I bought a 72 Vette with automatic so Joanne could drive it. Kendra, a baby, sat in between us on the center console. As a result, she unlike her mother, had no problem with stick shifts later in life.

I remember the 76 Chrysler Custom Newport. The biggest car ever made. Kendra learned to drive in it. She called it the hearse. I figured if something hit her she would win.

In the early 90’s I got the 91 Mazda Navaho (Ford Explorer) and 93 Oldsmobile Bravada. Both SUV’s are still running with their original drive trains because of Amsoil. I have to wonder how long the others would have lasted with Amsoil.

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As you may know from past blogs magnesium and vitamin D
are big deficiency areas for most Americans (60-90%).

Magnesium is now missing from our tillable soil and because we are indoors a lot not enough sunlight/vitamin D. Time spent in your car does not count because ultraviolet cannot penetrate.

Magnesium is needed by the entire body. Lack of Magnesium in the brain can cause depression, anxiety and poor memory.

If you garden or are part of a gardening co-op you may want to consider using AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer as it contains Atlantic Sea Kelp. This builds the soil up and replaces missing components that are of course still in the oceans ( i.e. magnesium etc.).

A good way to restore magnesium in your body is to use a bath salt like Epsom Salts.

Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin.

To learn more take this link:

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SIROCCO Compressor Oil lasts several times longer than competing products.

Thermal gun usage shows compressors run up to 12 degrees cooler.

In a recent installation a customers unit consumed $200/mnth less electricity.

Costs roughly half what OEM’s ask for their oil.

Amsoil produces a range of compressor oils.