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– Spiderwort Wildflower, Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Ethanol-blended fuels can cause problems and damage to engines, especially older ones.

Unfortunately, the ethanol molecule separates from the petroleum molecule with the slightest moisture and clogs fuel lines.

Using Amsoil PI for gas motors (cars/trucks) and Quickshot for Powersports is very cost beneficial and a problem avoidance tactic.

You also get better fuel economy.


Low Back Pain

– Hepatica Wildflower — photo by Steve Dawes 2015

A recent study done in Denmark indicates that 10% of cases are do to bacterial infection — European Spine Journal. Adjacent herniated disks are involved.

Antibiotics caused improvement.

( Remember if using antibiotics its best to take pro-biotics to protect gut-flora.) Product Label.

More studies must be done. This is the only study to date.

Potential for Weight Loss

– Phlox — Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Altrum’s new nutritional drink mix offers an option for weight loss.

The product uses whey protein as opposed to soy protein for a base unlike so many other makers.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition, ISSN, notes that when exercisers ingest protein after a workout, their post exercise soreness is reduced.

High-quality leucine rich proteins, such as whey, may be particularly important for the elderly.

It is also more easily digested.



– Virginia Bluebells Photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Recent studies indicate that we may be getting too much Calcium supplementation.

Now a study done in Canada shows that of 9033 individuals who take 1000mg/day a 22% improvement in longevity for women. ( No measurable change was noted for men).

Calcium Citrate is best.

Amsoil Engine Flush

Amsoil Engine Flush provides immediate removal of engine sludge formed by the use of conventional oil.

A bottle of Flush is added to the motor just prior to an oil drain. The motor is than allowed to run for 15 minutes. Directions are on the bottle.

Over a period of time, Amsoil Synthetic Oil will also gradually remove sludge.