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Winter Flower

The Rise of CoQ10

– Maiden Hair Wildflower, Photo by Steve Dawes 2014.

New studies re-affirm the huge role of CoQ10 in heart health. Now another study shows that CoQ10 lowers Blood Pressure 10-15%.

CoQ10 exists through almost all cells of the body.

Corrects energy starved heart in studies again.

About 300mg’s daily dose.

CoQ10 occurs naturally in the following foods: meat, fish, nuts, broccoli and spinach. It is derived by the body from the amino acid Tyrosine.

The number 1 food source for CoQ10 are peanuts. Thus, peanut butter is a really good choice. ( I get Crazy Richards peanut butter to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup in other brands).

If you have a heart condition you need supplemental CoQ10. Talk to your physician.

Various scientific reports and recent studies by eminent naturopaths and research doctors are available.