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Fuel Efficiency In Cold Weather

-Buttercup Wildflower, photo by Steve Dawes 2014

Fuel Efficiency is effected a lot by the weather. Some experts feel that really cold weather (sub-zero) can diminish fuel efficiency as much as 50%.

Air becomes denser in extreme cold and presents greater demand by vehicles to push through it. Cold tires and cold pavement do not provide as much friction.

Fuel systems find it more difficult to atomize fuel and air.

Everyone notices that fuel economy drops significantly in cold weather.

use Amsoil

25,000 mile oil change

Most of us feel ansie about extended oil drains.

It’s no wonder, OEM’S have used mass media advertising for decades to get our oil changed every 3000 miles. It’s branded into our psychology.

However, the technology has been available for some time.

I began using Amsoil in roughly 1995 at which time their oil change was 13,000 miles. I was only able to go 7000 miles before my subconscious took over and forced me to change the oil. The next time I went 9000 miles and finally went 14,000 miles. It took that long to gain trust in the Amsoil product and Amsoil’s written guarantee.

Today, Amsoil offers oil change synthetics for 3000+ miles, 10,000(6 month) or 25,000(or 1 year).

I did not see big fuel economy savings until I did the transmission and differentials with Amsoil. Than it became jaw-dropping. I have saved money ever since.

I hope you will follow my path and save money for yourself and family.

It’s easier now you can start with OE(3000+ miles) and graduate up.

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